Decided at the last minute to hire a bartender and server for my outdoor wedding reception. It was a small(ish) outdoor reception in my backyard for about 60 guests. We had already eloped but wanted to celebrate with family and friends. I called Jim, half expecting him to tell me I was out of luck, but he did quite the opposite and sprung into action. He was able to find me two AMAZING individuals (Tammy and Fernando) to work my party. Jim explained all my options very carefully and I selected the option where I provide the liquor and he provides the staff and bar setup. Jim gave me a shopping list of how much liquor I needed to buy which was great because I would have totally screwed that up! The day of our reception came, and his staff arrived right on time. They were warm and friendly and jumped right in to start setting up the bar. It looked incredible! Unfortunately, about 5 minutes before the guests arrived, the sky opened up and dumped a flood on my beautifully decorated party space. I was devastated, but Tammy and Fernando didn’t skip a beat! They grabbed everything they could save and quickly moved the bar indoors. My outdoor dream reception may have been ruined by the weather, but thanks to the staff from Professional Beverage Service, we still had an amazing and memorable party indoors! I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for me in every way. Thank you!!!