Jim was so helpful for my event.  

I planned a holiday party for a not for profit to serve approximately 50 volunteers.  I really struggled with planning a great event on a tight budget.  Jim was great at making cost effective recommendations and even went above an beyond with helping make sure each aspect of the evening was cared for.  He did so much more than tend bar.  Some of the things that stuck out was that Jim always made sure that I had a full drink so while hosting I did not have to worry about going to the bar to get a refill, he made sure the food was aesthetically pleasing and refilled items that were getting low, he recommended money saving ideas that I did not think of, he gave me a check list of things that I needed to do so there was no confusion about who needed to do what, and among many other things he helped me set up and clean up the entire event not just the bar.

Thank-you Professional Beverage Service!!!